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Supporting Tender Loving Christ in 2024

Supporting a non-profit each year with exposure through the racing team Kohrt Racing has chosen and will be supporting Tender Loving Christ in 2024, a local program to Colorado started by Leanne Minor in 2023 to support faith-based sober living for females and providing a support system in several forms as they continue their journey and recover in sober living.

“At Tender Loving Christ, we know that every recovery journey is different. We created a Faith-Based sober living because we know it works. Our founder Leanne went through a year long Faith-Based program in 2021. After she graduated the program, God put on her heart to start her own Faith-Based sober living. Tender Loving Christ was born.

Tender Loving Christ will provide a safe sober home for women in the Denver, CO area where they can continue walking their journey with Jesus while finding freedom. We will help women who have lost everything in addiction and want to start all over again. TLC will work hand in hand with women and help them budget, get their Driver’s license back, get caught up on court fines, help them get caught up on child support and so much more. Tender Loving Christ is a nonprofit 501(c)3 so all donations are tax-deductible.”

A little about founder Leanne Minor.

“Founder of TLC, a faith-based sober living recovery home for women! Leanne struggled with alcohol and prescription pills for several years. She sought help through several different secular programs. One was top-rated in the nation. Leanne tried inpatient, outpatient, a few different sober living homes, therapy, you name it she tried it and nothing worked. Fortunately, her family stepped in and she was able to get sober for a little over a year. During that year Leanne was still struggling with her mental health which led her to relapse.

Her family was done and stepped away (as they should). Leanne burned every bridge. She was heading into another spiral. Leanne knew if she didn’t get help, she would be sent to jail or even worse her grave. Leanne surrendered her life to the Lord. He was the only one who could save her. Leanne entered a one-year faith-based residential program, called Come As you Are in Steamboat Spring, CO. She was set free, healed, and delivered from the bondage that kept her from fully living. That is when God laid it on her heart to help other women. She never thought she would find true freedom. She knew if God could heal her, He could use her to help other women.

It was when she graduated from her program, that sober living was put on her heart.  Leanne watched several of her sisters in Christ work so hard to graduate and not have a safe place to go home to. This is very common for many of us when we go into treatment. Leanne graduated from CAYA. Leanne was very fortunate to be able to transition home but that was still changing her people, places, and things. It took a lot of work and planning while in her program to make sure she transitioned home safely. When she moved home she stayed in ministry by mentoring other women and helping women find treatment and continued working with her program. Leanne continued praying about sober living and God has been opening doors.”

Please consider a tax-deductable donation to Tender Loving Christ or “TLC” by visiting their website by CLICKING HERE.

Note: Absolute no contribution was made by Tender Loving Christ to be promoted by the Kohrt Racing program. No donations to Tender Loving Christ go towards the promotion of Tender Loving Christ on a Kohrt Racing race car.