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Kohrt Racing is proud to represent several partners when racing and to campaign as an ambassador for products and marketing on and off the race track.

Red Line Oil

In 1979, Red Line Synthetic Oil began creating lubricants for the racing industry. Today, they manufacture more than 100 quality products including motor oils, gear oils, assembly lubes, fuel additives and their popular WaterWetter cooling additive for the automotive, motorcycle, marine and industrial markets.

Red Line Oil is the official oil of Ronnie Kohrt with usage in gear oil, motor oil, transmission fluid, generator oil, additives and cooling. Find it online at RedLineOil.Com and whereever your favorite synthetic oils are sold.

MoPower Masters

MoPower Masters is a locally owned family business dedicated to Mopars. Parts, service and knowledge on just about every possible Mopar, Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler combination you can think of from old-school Dodge, Plymouth and Mopar muscle to new-age muscle today with Dodge Challengers, Demons and Chargers.

5390 Lincoln St, Denver, CO, United States, Colorado. (303) 294-9898

Kohrt Racing supporting Tender Loving Christ

Tender Loving Christ or “TLC” is a local program to Colorado started by Leanne Minor in 2023 to support faith-based sober living for females and providing a support system in several forms as they continue their journey and recover in sober living.

Services available for men and women and you can find more info or to donate at TenderLovingChrist.Com.

Absolutely no donations you make towards Tender Loving Christ go towards the sponsorship of the Kohrt Racing team. This is a 100% donated in support promotion towards Tender Loving Christ to bring more exposure to the non-profit.